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Who Uses Kanban?

I was recently asked the question of where to find well documented case studies of "real world" organizations using Kanban.

LeanKanban University keeps a nice collection of such case studies in their website, but it's interesting to know that the various Kanban conferences they organize around the work (like Lean Kanban North America, or Lean Kanban Central Europe) always include a track featuring case study presentations.

What follows here is a selection of presentations from recent years, attempting to show examples of applications of Kanban in different domains, and various levels of complexity (from Team Kanban to Portfolio and Enterprise Services)

An interactive mind map version of this list (including some notes summarizing each presentation) can be found here.

Kanban in IT


Banking & Financial Services


Food Services


Social Networking

Health Care Services

Digital Product Development Services

Kanban Outside IT

Health Care/Hospital

Architecture & Engineering

Training Services


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Martin Aziz
Martin Aziz
Jan 31, 2019

Two things that jumps out at me from all these case studies: 1 - such a wide scope of industries where Kanban is applicable. 2 - how much variation there is to Kanban implementation, which is a good thing - nobody should copy these case studies, but develop an approach that is fit their own business context.

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