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“I need to align the whole organization around our strategy?”

“How can we see what

we are working on?”

“How can we limit the amount of multi tasking?”




Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) is a framework of tools that leaders of 21st Century knowledge-work enterprises can apply to their strategic and capacity planning. ESP is often described as the equivalent of MRP for a professional services business. Such businesses employ many educated professionals, who think for a living, perform largely invisible work, and deliver mostly intangible products and services to customers. 

five-day modular training program

Such businesses are increasingly exposed to VUCA - the conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. It is often futile, under such condition, to plan specific results, deliverables, and milestones. The VUCA reality quickly tosses such plans out of the window. Does this sound like your enterprise? ESP can help! What you can do is, plan the capacity of your services to sense, respond and deliver the right levels of service that meet customers' purpose. You can plan the mechanisms of feedback to keep your network of services balanced and capable to execute your strategy. You can plan to avoid risks your enterprise can't take and to manage the risks it chooses to take. That's what we mean by "planning."

ESP complements the delivery capabilities generated by Kanban "from the middle" and agile approaches "from the bottom up"  and connects them "at the top" with the models and tools you need to manage on enterprise level.

Is Enterprise Services Planning the Right Training For Me?

  • Yes - if you are a leader/executive taking responsibility for your company’s strategic decisions

  • Yes - if you a manager responsible for design, implementation and/or delivery of products and services to your company's customers -- you manage one service or a network of such services

  • Yes - if you are an improvement consultant or coach responsible for pragmatic actionable advice to such executives and managers

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This course is divided into 5 one day modules configured into 3 tracks:

  • Executive Track – 2 Days

  • Product Manager Track – 3.5 Days

  • Expert Track – 5 Days

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