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We provide high-quality Kanban training, accredited by Lean Kanban University (LKU). This program was originated by the thought leaders who brought the Kanban concept into the world of knowledge work. Over the years, a large worldwide community of

trainers, coaches and managers refined and expanded the curriculum, incorporating their experience, both in applying the Kanban Method to real-world situations as well as in teaching it to other practitioners.



Often times, you just need a trusted adviser that can help you see your reality from a different point of view, bounce ideas, and offer novel options for action. Guided by an understanding of your unique culture, and a systemic lens to interpret your delivery systems, we can offer pragmatic, actionable advise on effective ways to manage the delivery of services to your customers.


Our approach to coaching acknowledges that, in a corporate setting, this is a trilateral relationship between someone setting an agenda for improvement (the "client"), a group of actors in charge of introducing such improvements (the "primary coachees"), and a consultant providing pragmatic guidance (the "coach"). We work with your organization to identify all those players, help them co-create the agenda for change, and then support them on their journey, as they take responsibility for their own improvement.

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