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Fernando started as a developer in the early 90s (C++ used to be his best friend), discovered Extreme Programming in the early 2000s, carried the “dev manager” title for a brief period, and became a full time Agile Coach by 2009. Since then, he has worked for organizations in various industries (such as Finance & Banking, Oil & Energy, Marketing, Correctional Services, etc.), coaching teams to better understand the way they do work, introduce technical engineering practices and help them improve their processes incrementally, drawing from the Agile and Kanban bodies of knowledge.

His focus these days is working with leadership “above the team” to better manage the end-to-end flow of work in ways that yield better, systemic results. He holds a degree in Information Systems Engineering, and a Kanban Coaching Professional accreditation from LeanKanban University.

Fernando Cuenca

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