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Fernando started as a developer in the early 90s (C++ used to be his best friend), discovered Extreme Programming in the early 2000s, carried the “dev manager” title for a brief time, and became a full time Agile Coach by 2009. He started consulting independently in 2014, and by 2015, he felt the usual “agile transformation” strategies left many unanswered questions, for which he found many of the answers in the Kanban Method.

Fernando helps teams and organizations to find better ways to get organized to deliver services, projects and products, using Agile and modern management practices, through a combination of team and leadership coaching, training, and advisory. He holds a degree in Information Systems Engineering, and Kanban Coaching, Training, and Consulting accreditations from Kanban University. When not working with clients, he's learning to play the harpsichord.

Fernando Cuenca



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