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Sources of Delay

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Do your customers or stakeholders complain about long delivery timelines? Do you wish you were able to deliver the results of your work sooner?

Many organizations experience the problem of delivery timelines that are longer than they would like. While it is possible for a service to be under-provisioned, resulting on slow delivery pace caused by not having enough capacity, more often than not we've found the main reason to be the existence of many "sources of delay" that essentially go unmanaged.

Therefore, if you learn first to see these sources of delay, and later introduce improvements to eliminate them, or at least manage them better, you can see dramatic improvements in your delivery capability.

In essence, you probably have more capacity than you think.

Towards a more nuanced vocabulary for "delay"

We would like work to flow fast and smoothly, all the way from promise to delivery. But often times work encounters obstacles that prevent it from moving forward; work then needs to wait until the obstacle is removed. Customers experience those blockages as delay in the delivery of the value they expect from us.

Rather than generically speak about "blockers" or "bottlenecks", we can classify sources of delay into several categories, each of them requiring different resolution strategies:

Click on the links above to read more each category.

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