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What is the Kanban Method?

We were introducing Kanban for the first time to someone the other day and she suggested to us that she'd do some googling to look it up. There are a many great resources out there on Kanban, but we were feeling uneasy about the google route; as there a significant amount material of dubious quality too.

Why is this? Kanban has exploded globally with thousands of practitioners making use of it daily. However a significant amount of them tend to be early practitioners. And it is understandable why; Kanban is very easy to start, with a very low barrier of entry. But to get the most value out of it, you usually need a little extra help and some practice. And so the internet is flooded with many write ups by early practitioners on Kanban that don't really do a great job explaining it.

In considering her desire for a quick primer on Kanban, we certainly could have offered some examples of great books or video presentations. But in truth, very few are ready to commit to devoting that amount of time at this early stage of curiosity. And so we set out to build something that was a quick read and yet still accurate to explain the Kanban Method.

The following link with included PDF explains Kanban, we hope you find it useful:

Credit to Janice Linden-Reed for inspiring us with her approach in explaining Kanban at her Lean Kanban India 2017 Conference Talk and was generous enough to help review our draft.

The SquirrelNorth Team

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