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KanbanTO May Meetup - Making a Difference with Kanban

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Our May meetup was all about making a difference with Kanban. We had 3 lightning presentations by 4 dynamic speakers who told us their story of how they made a difference by using Kanban. After the presentations there was an extended Q&A session.

This post curates a few things from the Meetup, specifically capturing the video and the presentation slides.

Meetup Video

TALK 1 - "Kanban – It’s Not Just About the Board"

Karen Powell, Manager, Delivery Capability Center at Fiserv.

A conversation that Karen often has with her service owners and teams is about understanding the difference between The Kanban Method and the tool they use for visualizing their work and workflow. People tend to revert to thinking about Kanban as work on a board and that is all. Karen's lightning talk is about the success she's seen when teams and service owners understand the Kanban Method and its general practices as a first step on their Kanban journey. The most successful teams are those who can differentiate the Method from the board.

TALK 2 - "WARNING: System Overburdened"

Shuman Ip, Director, Portfolio Delivery at Autotrader

COVID-19 has impacted us all, but it also introduced some opportunities for change. This lightning talk is about how COVID-19 magnified problems in Shuman's upstream work, how he utilized Kanban to quickly alleviate the pain points, and how he's planning to ensure the new processes and practices are sticky post COVID-19.

TALK 3 - "Making a difference with Kanban at Nulogy"

Jessica Liu, Director of Product Management and Gillian Lee, Director of Delivery Coaching, both from Nulogy.

Join Jessica and Gillian on their journey of making a difference with Kanban at Nulogy. They share their experiences of introducing Kanban practices: what motivated them to adopt Kanban, what outcomes they were seeing, what kept them going and what they're still working through.

Thanks again, we hope to see you at the next one!

The KanbanTO Organizers

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