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[ONLINE] December KMM+KCP Bundle - Kanban Maturity Model® and Kanban Coaching Practices

Become a Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) when you combine Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) & Kanban Coaching Practices (KCP) training from Kanban University.
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Time & Location

Dec. 07, 2020, 9:00 a.m. – Dec. 17, 2020, 1:00 p.m.

About The Event

This class is delivered as a sequence of morning sessions (between 9 am and 12:30 pm), with a 30 minute break in between. The exact schedule for each class will be published here in the next few weeks.


The Kanban Maturity Model codifies more than 10 years of experience implementing Kanban across diverse industries, in businesses small to extremely large. It plays an important role in creating unity, alignment, a sense of purpose and good governance. Use it to gain a better sense of achievement, provide better products and services, delight your customers, and realize superior business results.

The Kanban Maturity Model maps typical Kanban practices as well as cultural values against 7 organizational maturity levels. This becomes a  powerful tool for coaches and consultants leading Kanban initiatives and helping businesses improve their agility. 

KMM provides a proven road-map of guidance on recommended practices to meet improvement goals. This road-map helps eliminate two common failure modes in Kanban and Agile implementations: overreaching causing an aborted start; and false summit plateaus that fail to realize full benefit.


Who Should attend?

Executive Sponsor: “I have a vision for my company. I also know my managers and coaches do all kinds of well-intentioned things in the name of improvement. How can I track the progress of improvement initiatives? How can I be sure they align with the direction where I’m taking my company?”

Coach/Consultant: “My job is to help people and organizations improve and realize their full potential. But I work with many people and groups in this large, complex organization. How can I vary my advice and be sure it is appropriate in their context?”

Manager: “I take responsibility for a service (product, project) and for improving its customer outcomes. How can I be sure my efforts align with other managers and with the overall direction of the company set by the Executive?”

What Will You Learn?

Module 1 - Maturity

  • Sobering thoughts about “transformations”
  • Why KMM? KMM purpose and architecture, avoidance of two key failure modes and transformation fallacies
  • KMM level by level, illustrated by observable patterns, business benefits of each level
  • Pragmatic pivot with KMM from transformations to applying practices with intent and increasing organizational maturity

Module 2 - Evolution

  • Mechanism of evolutionary change, how you can plan, guide and pace it
  • ML1-ML2 transition: understand barriers to ML2, illustration via case study, exercise: design transition to ML2 for your organization
  • ML2-ML3 transition: understand barriers to ML3, illustration via case study, exercise: design transition to ML3 for your organization
  • Introduction to KMM Leadership extension. Decision filters for organization’s leaders.

Module 3 - Reality

  • ML1-ML2 transition:                                                                                     
    • Barriers to ML2
    • Tools, guidance on how to overcome the barriers
    • Desirable leadership qualities for successful transition
    • Update your ML1-ML2 design
    • Test your ML1-ML2 design against the barrier
    • The same structure for ML2-ML3


  • The same structure for ML3-ML4
  • Important integrations with: Lean/TPS and Real World Risk

KANBAN COACHING PRACTICES (KCP)  (3 mornings) This course will teach coaching tools and techniques to be successful leading significant evolutionary change initiatives with a goal of achieving Maturity Level 2 or Maturity Level 3 at an enterprise scale. This class offers a codified Kanban Method approach to introducing and implementing change and is specifically designed to augment the Kanban Maturity Model class. 

Who Should attend? Coach/Consultant: “My job is to help people and organizations improve and realize their full potential. But I work with many people and groups in this large, complex organization. How can I vary my advice and be sure it is appropriate in their context?”  

What Will You Learn? 

Module 1 - Observe

  • How Kanban coaches read situations, 12 Focusing Questions, practice on case studies
  • Psychology: individual, group, professional identity, how organizational change affects it, how to tread carefully (lessons from the field)
  • Sociology: social entropy and cohesion, social  capital and policy mapping, Immelman framework, consequences of ignoring (lessons from the field)
  • KMM Leadership extension in detail, leadership modes and behaviours

Module 2 - Respond

  • Coaching stance: what Kanban coaches do and don’t do, how to escalate motivation for change
  • Coaching tools: process coaching or management training dilemma, Kanban appropriateness, mechanical and cultural reasons for applying Kanban
  • More coaching tools: agendas, contextual assessment, Kanban market positioning, engagement design
  • Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) in action: exercise, update your ML transition designs from the KCP perspective

All days consist largely of interactive group exercises.

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